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1.Special pattern oak parquetry supply, lay, sanding and polishing ( not including moisture barrier ) $139.00 m2, With colour stained $149.00m2.
2.Select Oak block parquetry supply, lay, sanding and polishing (not including moisture barrier) ONLY $105.00 m2, With black stain $115.00m2.
3.Laminated supply, lay, ONLY $49.00 m2.
  Canterbury Pattern Oak Parquetry
4.This special products are 100% solid nature timber floorboard (It's not laminated, not timber veneer floating floor and not thinner overlay) 1800*93*18mm thickness. It is pre sanded & coated in the factory with 5 coats of hardwearing UV cured polyurethane. Not only just the top surface has perfect (completely dust free) 5 coats of polyurethane but also 2 coats on the bottom and tongue & groove sides. so this prefinished floor has a minimum movement after installation. This products respects the environment and is non-toxic to the floor layer and the end user. It can be installed direct on the joist or on concrete slab, chipboard or existing timber floor boards by using adhesive and secret nailing.

But the most important is the price even cheaper than the 19mm raw floorboards. Sound's impossible? Yes! believe what you see! You can save the expansive cost of floor sanding. You don't have to suffer the terrible smelling and dust after job completion. Never ever complain with a floor sander about some dust on the coating. Save harder earn money and your priceless time.

Come to our warehouse and showroom to have a look this beautiful real timber floorboards with nice hardwearing coating and was $79.00 m2...now only $69.90 m2(GST incl).

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